Press release: New single by Finnish band La Riippa Group 11.10.2019

Every Friday is for the future. This is something that the young people in the world have stated and their striking for the climate is an inspiration to us all! This Friday, 11 October, La Riippa Group will release their single Answers, which is a homage to these young people and to the future.

Our band has always made music with an environmental touch. With Answers, we now want to convey hope. It's our strong belief that the climate crisis can still be averted, "if we just forget our greed". Now is the time to act, and time is getting scarce.

This autumn will see the release of three singles and accompanying music videos, which will all be published to our YouTube channel.

The singles will be digitally released on all major streaming services and after Answers, we will release Kom int hij 20.10.2019, sung in the beautiful old Swedish dialect from Nedervetil, and Breaking Into Pieces 25.11.2019.

For more information, please check out our social media accounts. You can find the links to the left on this page.

We're kicking off with a brand new web page and we really hope you enjoy it!
The band will meet up for a practicing session on November the 24th and do a photoshoot (and possibly make a music video) in December, continuing on with a new single in January!
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